A solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy combines technical optimization, content optimization, and authority optimization. At Rootivo we have practitioners in each of these, ensuring your website ranks well in the SERPs and drives traffic to your website.

Technical SEO

Google’s ever-growing emphasis on usability, accessibility and quality has reinforced the importance of technical optimization within your SEO activity.

For an organic search campaign to succeed, you’ll need to make sure that your website is built on solid foundations, is barrier-free and has the qualities in place to demonstrate value and integrity to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Not only is this crucial in increasing your search performance within the SERPs but it is also a highly recommended means of mitigating against algorithmic penalties and devaluation.

What does this mean?

Rootivo’s technical audits will identify issues that are currently hindering search engines being able to effectively crawl, understand and index the pages and content of your website. In working with you to resolve these issues, your website will be in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and significantly better equipped to facilitate growth in traffic, keyword rankings and user engagement.

Our technical team

Our technical SEOs have worked across some of the world’s largest brands and most complex sites. Their experience and knowledge has empowered them to optimize website structures and frameworks from the ground upwards and to deliver immense results based on analysis, recommendations and ongoing support.

What is covered?

Our SEO audits are deep-dives into all aspects technical. We present our recommendations in an actionable, easy-to-understand format, supported by associated crawl data. Following completion, our technical SEO support service helps assist your development team in implementing fixes as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Or, if you’d rather we do it for you, we have the developers in-house to get stuck in!

Content audit

Quality online content is becoming increasing essential. Our content audits check that your website content, structure and markup are in line with your overall marketing strategy.

It may sound obvious, but usually, the quickest wins in any organic or social strategy come from making sure that what you position on your website is relevant to your audience. This, partnered with the appropriate use of technical on-page elements such as H-tagging or structured data, helps define your site visibility.

We ensure that the completed research and development stages inform how content is structured and marked on the pages of your site throughout the content audit phase. We’ll cover content length, type, positioning, tone of voice and also suggest the placement of newly created assets if there are opportunities for media which don’t already exist. Our content audit also includes optimizing images, videos and any other fundamental content elements or assets.

A content audit is one of the most important stages of any SEO project, giving you the opportunity to connect with your audience and define key differences between yourselves and your competitors.

What is content optimization?

If you want to maximize the chances of your online content appearing in search-related queries – and picking up more organic search traffic – you need to make sure it’s implemented properly. That’s just what content optimization will do.

Content optimization is the process of implementing content on web pages to maximize your visibility in search for related queries.

SEO is about understanding the words and phrases people use to find things online, and optimizing digital content in such a way that it meets those queries in prominent locations in search.

It’s not just a question of ensuring a top keyword is included multiple times on a page, but making sure that other related words, phrases or ‘proof terms’ are included to optimize for query-based searches (for example. “What is content optimization?”)

How can Rootivo optimize my content?

We identify opportunities to improve the optimization of your onsite content using tools like SearchMetrics. This helps us to understand how your competitors are using keywords, and how using different words and phrases can help to improve your search performance to drive traffic and conversions – and the potential value of doing so.

We can also optimize digital content for different types of search results. Increasingly, Google search results display reviews, opening times and business information. We can implement schema and microdata to help get this information into search results, driving higher click-through rates.

Backlink analysis

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO ranking – great ones will increase your chances of ranking well, while a weak backlink profile could lead to poor performance. Our backlink analysis identifies your strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding the health of your website’s backlink profile is more important now than ever.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors within SEO. If your link profile is strong, your chances of ranking well in the organic SERPs are good. However, if your backlink profile is weak, has been manipulated or maliciously attacked in any way, then your website could be susceptible to poor performance and search engine penalties.

A backlink analysis allows us to identify both strengths and weaknesses within your link profile. This enables us to:

  • Identify and remove unnatural or toxic links where necessary
  • Ensure that your website’s backlink profile follows best practice guidelines and avoids algorithmic or manual penalties
  • Create an approach to earning the right types of links for your SEO campaign
Metrics for backlink analysis
When auditing your backlink profile, we will assess a variety of relevant metrics.
Performance trends
Has the SEO visibility, keyword performance or organic traffic of your website drastically declined in correlation with a major algorithmic update such as Google Penguin? If so, this could indicate a penalty.
Manual actions within Google Webmaster Tools
Have you received a message within your Google Search Console account notifying you that a ‘manual action’ has been placed on your website due to unnatural backlinks?
Linking metrics
Do the following linking metrics within your profile appear healthy?
  • Deep link ratio
  • Anchor texts
  • Follow vs NoFollow
  • Referring domains
  • Link types
  • Link velocity
An insightful backlink analysis is crucial to the success of your organic search campaign, and integral in building the right link earning and content marketing strategy moving forward.
Competitor backlink audits
We’re keen to understand your landscape and effectively measure your competition. A competitor backlink audit allows us to see your competitors’ link earning strategies and helps us identify areas of opportunity that they haven’t exploited yet. It’s also a useful method for spotting quick-win opportunities that can be used in your campaign immediately.
Our approach to competitor link analysis:
  • Download your competitors’ backlink profiles
  • Analyse your competitors’ backlinks manually
  • Benchmark against your link profile
  • Identify any strengths and weaknesses
  • Shortlist quick-win link replication opportunities
  • Understand your long term goals and competitive challenges
  • Develop your link earning, content marketing and outreach strategy
Tell us about your project
Whatever you want to discuss, we’re here to help. We love to hear about your business goals and how we can develop marketing strategies to help you achieve them.