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Customers don’t think about channels – just what matters to them, at that moment. Our digital services work together, helping you stay in step with your audience at every touchpoint.

Marketing Services

Deep specialization enables us to deliver better than anyone else, anywhere. Our range of digital services performs brilliantly on its own or as part of an integrated campaign designed to fully maximize the online opportunities for your brand.
We boost SEO results with tactics that outlast trends, using the entire search engine page to build your brand, while helping customers find exactly what they need.
You’ve brought in new users through Facebook, Adwords and other channels…now it’s time to make them loyal customers. That’s where our email marketing program comes in — it’s the most effective platform for turning leads into revenue. Rootivo‘s email marketing team can help with every step of the process.
People often trust people more than brands. We find the voices that are on your side, harnessing authentic opinions to make customers take action.
Just as paid search is about more than clicks, video is more than views. We prove the right person saw the content by serving your video assets at the moment of truth, compelling action and delivering measurable results.
Did you know 80% of people use search engines to find local services? We help you make the most of every lead, with dynamic, targeted messaging that brings online and offline together.
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Make your customer journeys better and your working life easier. We’ll show you how.